Is it ok to eat 1 protein bar or drink a protein drink a day?

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All i wanna know if i can eat 1 of my snickers protein bar a day, or muscle milk protein drink a day?
or do i HAVE to workout before i eat or drink a protein bar/drink. whats the best way to workout before i eat or drink a protein bar/shake.

if someone could give me a good workout routin il do it. whatever worked best for you’s i just want bigger biceps. idc how i sound.


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well it is totally up to you and what u want your results to be. I am going through the same thing right now. I am a beginner and i just want to bulk up a little bit so i talked to a personal trainer at my local gym and he helped me a lot so i hope i can help you too. So you can have a protein bar or drink every day but realize that they usually have a lot of calories. so if you are just laying around the house, or just sitting in school or work all day i wouldn’t recommend it. These bars and shakes provide protein that helps rebuild muscle after a workout, so if you don’t plan on working out, all you’re getting is all the calories. I would recommend becoming a member of your local gym and when you register ask about personal trainers and they will usually give you a free session when you sign up. You can ask the trainer any questions from workout routines to diet, to supplements and they should know all the answers. and besides ive tried working out at home for years and always end up in failure, but now that i am a member of a real gym, it is much easier to stick to the schedule and i have seen major results. So to answer your Q, Don’t take them unless you plan on working off the calories and making use of the protein. and just a tip, shakes, bars, and supplements can be expensive so i eat a lot of egg whites, and beans. TIP… Vegetarian Chili is gods answer to protein on a budget because of all of the protein in the beans and the tofu and at less than a buck per can you cant beat it, and you cant even tell the difference between it and real meat chili. Hoped this helped… Good Luck

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